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Group Counseling Towson MD


Children can experience anxiety and depression just as adults do. This group is designed especially to help children recognize the symptoms they are experiencing and learn mindfulness techniques and strategies that empower them to deal with anxiety and depression in a positive manner.

The group is limited in size and incorporates relaxing activities that provide children with the mental health tools and skills that will help them effectively manage their anxiety.


This group is designed especially to help young adults successfully transition to and navigate their way through college. Group participants get compassionate and professional support in a peer setting. Together, we discuss the new challenges that face young adults in the college environment and cultivate the independent living and mental health skills needed to succeed at college. College can be a wonderful experience. If you are having problems adjusting, succeeding, or enjoying college, this is the group for you!


Parenting children and teens can be challenging in today’s world. Group participants receive compassionate and professional support in a peer setting with other parents who are dealing with similar issues. Together we learn and practice positive win-win communication and relationship skills that can reduce chronic family conflicts and enhance your relationships with your children and teens.